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Renewable energy solar panels in Las Vegas promote communities to come together with one common goal in mind - protecting our beloved planet. Find out how to get your residential solar panels installed to do your part by exploring our solar programs and go solar solutions today!

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Solar Incentives
In an effort to go solar in Las Vegas, local, state, and federal solar incentives are being made available to new customers. Find out how to take advantage of what's out there before it's too late.
Community Resources
Residential solar panels in Las Vegas are how to show your neighbors and community members that you care about them and the rest of the world. Learn how easy it is to make your eco-friendly contribution and peruse our solar resources.


Las Vegas Solar Energy Solutions - We Have the Answer You're Looking For

Have you been considering Las Vegas solar energy for a while now? It's not a new concept, but so much of the world is still operating by burning dangerous fossil fuels.

Solar power is the future of the country & the entire globe. There are incentives set up worldwide for regions to be converted entirely to solar power systems within the next few decades.

Keeping up with the Joneses is more Keeping up with the Jetsons these days. The advancements in technology aren't fictional. It's eventually going to shift, and the times of burning fossil fuels will be gone. Soon enough, everyone will be operating on solar power energy in Las Vegas and across America. You don't want to fall behind!

We offer free, no-obligation evaluations for solar energy solutions to our customers. Schedule your appointment now with the best solar company in Las Vegas. We're booking up fast so call today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does solar cost in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas solar energy options are being quoted at $13,000 for a 5-kilowatt system as of 2021. Your price will vary depending on what you require and what you want to invest. Get a customized quote from our detailed and attentive solar energy team by calling now.

Does Las Vegas solar increase property values?

Absolutely! In most instances, a basic solar energy system increases property value by around $20,000 in Nevada. That makes your entire solar energy conversion pure profit. Want the details? We're ready to chat!

Can I really save money with Las Vegas solar energy?

Besides the increased property value, you will most definitely save money with solar energy in Las Vegas. The amount you will save is dependent upon your system size and current electricity usage. It may take a few years to start to see the ROI, but it's one that's guaranteed to happen.

Calculate Monthly Savings with Solar

How can you know just how much money you're going to save with your new Las Vegas solar system? Calculate it with our crew.

We have a professional consultant who will walk you through all the specific numbers to understand better what to expect. Call, text, or email us now to get started!
Find a Solar Program

Customized Las Vegas Solar Panel Energy Programs 

It's impossible to treat every Las Vegas solar conversion the same. Many factors have to be considered to get the proper setup of residential or commercial solar panels. We treat each job as an individual project, and that's how we can guarantee your results will be more than sufficient. Our solar team also introduces you to your local solar programs.

Residential Solar 

Las Vegas residential solar panels are the jobs we're cycling through currently the most. You've probably noticed solar power systems popping up on your block. Discover why your neighbors are going solar in Las Vegas, NV by scheduling a FREE consultation.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar is something that not all Las Vegas solar companies are capable of. We have the experience, training, and capacity to install and service the largest, most complex solar energy systems for your business or industrial location.

No-Cost Solar Programs

How does a free Las Vegas new solar power system sound? We may be able to help you get your conversion completed at no cost or a discounted rate at the very least. Find out how by reaching out to our customer care team.

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How Las Vegas Solar Panels Work

There's one thing that you don't have to worry about with Las Vegas Solar Energy Solutions, and that's losing. There's no gambling involved when you partner with our trusted professionals. Discover what it means to go solar in Las Vegas and how we make your residential or commercial solar power system work for you.

Step 1

Find a Reputable Las Vegas Solar Installer

As the leading solar power provider in Las Vegas, you can bet that we work with the region's best solar companies. The Las Vegas installer that we send to your location will treat you with respect and kindness. Feel free to ask questions and take as much time as you need. That's what we're there for!
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Step 2

Solar Panel Design in Las Vegas, NV That's Sure to Perform

The solar panel design process is when you will start to see things transpiring around you. Our contractors measure your roof and the slope, evaluate the sun exposure levels, and record all the necessary constituents surrounding your property. We go into meticulous detail because the final mission is to make your new solar power system as productive as possible.
Step 3

Your Las Vegas Solar Panel Installation - Time is Valuable

When we have your design zeroed in, you will schedule your solar panel installation and activation at a time that suits your schedule. Our technicians show up on time with all the tools, parts, and equipment required to do a timely service. After all the solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries are correctly set up, the magic of activation happens right before your eyes.
Step 4

Activating & Understanding Your System - Personal Attention from a Dedicated Crew

There's nothing for you to handle when your solar power system is activated. However, after it's turned on, you're given the floor to ask all of the questions you have about your solar energy. Only when you tell us you're comfortable will we leave you to your new renewable energy and all the excitement surrounding the fact that you are Going Green in Las Vegas!
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Las Vegas Solar Energy Solutions - Beyond Your New Solar System

In reality, your new solar panels in Las Vegas are just the beginning of a very bright future for you and your family. The savings, along with the contribution you're making to the environment, are benefits that keep paying you back for the rest of your life. Find out how to get more involved with your decision to go solar in Las Vegas.

Solar Incentives in Las Vegas - There's More Out There Than the Federal Solar Tax Credit!

Do you have a solar panel design in Las Vegas that provides you with more energy than you will ever use? You can store some of it in your solar power batteries, but what if you're still harnessing more sunlight than what you can consume?

We have information on solar power incentives in Las Vegas, including sharing your solar energy system with your neighbors. Get the specifics about a solar investment tax credit when you call our experts at a time that's convenient for you.

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contractor doing solar energy training in Las Vegas

Solar Jobs, Training, & Certification - Is it Time for a Career Change?

The Las Vegas solar energy industry is one that's growing at an accelerated pace. It's great news for you if you're considering a change in your occupation. Las Vegas Solar Energy Solutions is always looking to build our team of professional solar installers.

Become a solar contractor in Las Vegas, or take into account some of the other ways you can work for our solar company, including:

  • Sales consultant
  • Electrician
  • Project manager
  • Service associate
  • Electrical engineer
  • Field service technician
  • And more!

Discover how to start your solar energy training and what it takes to build the tomorrow you can feel good about by calling our office. Help solar customers reduce their carbon footprint!

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What's Happening in NV Energy Solutions? 
The Latest Solar News

With the speed the people are deciding to go solar in Las Vegas, the industry's news is coming out just as quickly. There are constant improvements, advancements, and new technologies being introduced all the time.

Whether you have a solar power system already or considering one, we are a great source of all the most up-to-date data.

Check back frequently to stay informed about solar incentives, solar tax rebates, renewable energy certificates, and more!

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Stop Receiving Those Ridiculous Electric Bills with our Renewable Energy Solutions

Are you to the point where you're afraid to even look at your electricity bills anymore? Do you feel like your parents, always shutting the lights off and yelling at the kids to do the same? The cost of electricity is rising, but you can fight it by taking advantage of the top-rated solar panel designs in Las Vegas we produce.

Before you know it, the times where you sat in the dark to save a few bucks will become a distant memory. You will think back and chuckle at the idea that you waited so long to make Las Vegas solar a part of your life.

Your complimentary evaluation is how to begin on your path to financial freedom. What are you waiting for? Call today to start saving money with clean energy!

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You've Found a Las Vegas Solar Company That Cares About You!

Unlike some of the solar companies in Las Vegas that are only out to strike while the iron is hot, we're looking towards future relationships with every person we meet. Solar energy isn't just a fad to us. We're in it for the long haul!

Explore our Las Vegas solar service areas, and if you're in or around the region, give us a call. We can't wait to start building with you!

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With all the uncertainty that comes with the decision to go solar in Las Vegas, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Thankfully, your local solar team has put together a free resource for homeowners in the area. Check it out today!

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FREE, no-obligation solar energy consultations in Las Vegas are available now. Get the solutions for solar you've been curious about by making an appointment with our highly-trained team. Call us at (702) 842-1533
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