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Go Solar in Las Vegas for FREE!

Go Green & Go Solar in Las Vegas with the Leading Solar Experts!

Las Vegas Solar Energy Solutions will design a solar installation plan that pays for itself and may even pay you a few bucks!

If your electric bill is more than $70 per month, then you're in the right place. Go solar in Las Vegas with help from our leading solar company. Why go solar now? Because of the multitude of solar rebates and solar tax incentives available. As the years go on, solar energy will become more prevalent, and these money-saving offers will be gone. You don't want to miss out!

Our team of highly-qualified, knowledgeable, and certified solar contractors have been doing solar installations that are cost-effective and efficient for years. We promise to find you not only a solar system that performs, but we will also do whatever we can to provide it at no cost to you!

Get started by scheduling a Las Vegas solar professional to your location at a time that's convenient for you. It's complimentary, and there's no obligation. Call today!

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Go Solar in Las Vegas with Our Perfected Process

Flawless solar power energy solutions are guaranteed with our top-notch go solar solutions in Las Vegas!
Step 1

Find Las Vegas Solar Installers with Experience

Our certified local Las Vegas solar installers are your best resource when you're ready to go solar in Las Vegas! Set up an appointment, and we will dispatch a solar contractor to your location at a time that's suitable for your hectic lifestyle. Take all the time you need to have questions answered. It's your property, and you deserve to be 100% comfortable with what's to come.
Step 2

Review Your Solar Panel System Design

Every solar panel system design in Las Vegas we produce is custom-tailored to your home's size, power usage, and sun exposure levels. We outline each aspect of your solar panel installation and give you as much time as you desire to review it. Talk with your spouse, ask friends and family that have gone solar already, and research how much you can save by transforming your conventional electric into a go green solar in Las Vegas home today!
Step 3

Solar Panel Installation in Las Vegas Completed On Time

How long does it take to do your solar panel installation in Las Vegas? For our basic residential solar systems, the job can most often be done in a day. If it's more extensive or more complex, it could take two or three. In any event, rest assured that we use the most efficient methods so we can get out of your way as quickly as possible.
Step 4

Understanding Your Solar Power System in Las Vegas is Easier Than You Think!

After your solar panels, solar racking, solar inverters, and solar power batteries in Las Vegas have been successfully installed, we aren't going to leave you to figure it out on your own. Instead, we stick around for as long as you need us to explain how everything works. We will activate your system and perform a series of tests to guarantee everything is ready to power your home for now and into the future!


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I had been going back and forth before I decided to invest in solar panels for my Las Vegas home. Let me just say, I wish I made it sooner. With the way energy prices are in Nevada I'm already saving a ton with my new solar panels. Great experience working with Las Vegas Energy Solutions!"
- Bill B.

Go Green Solar in Las Vegas!

Have you researched the difference that go power solar in Las Vegas has against more traditional energy options? Fuel-burning is slowly depleting the atmosphere and environment around us, but you can do your part to prevent it from getting worse by switching to solar. Find an installer and get the project in motion by calling our crew.

When to Go Solar in Las Vegas

The solar tax incentives and rebates that are being thrown around so freely now are expected to expire within the next year or so. If you wait, you could miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. That goes beyond what you could be saving in energy costs monthly, so why wait? Contact us today to get started on a path to a cleaner, greener energy.

How to Go Solar for FREE!

When we say that you can go solar for FREE, that's exactly what we mean. There are no gimmicks and no fine print that tricks you into something you're not prepared for. Our knowledgeable customer care team is eager to go over each detail, incentive, and deduction with you when you're ready. Call to find out why to go solar now!

Get Paid to Go Solar in Las Vegas!

With the solar incentives in Las Vegas available, there's no better time than now to go solar! Get all the details and a customized solar installation plan from Las Vegas Solar Energy Solutions today! Call us at (702) 842-1533
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